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Revolutionizing asset management with AI devices & integrated cloud-ML platform

WaveTrac devices with WaveSense Cloud & Connectivity Platform is the smallest and lowest power mobile asset management solution that provides robust operation in most challenging environments while lasting for more than 10yrs. It embeds a built-in AI/ML engine that self optimizes power and performance with usage.


Can be configured over the air via the WaveSense platform for different asset management applications like tools, packages, pallets, containers, trucks, construction equipment, dumpsters, light towers, and other mobile assets.


High Precision & Robust Connectivity

The device includes robust LTE-NB2 cellular connectivity and precise dual-band GNSS positioning.

Condition Monitoring 

Built-in shock, motion, temperature sensors; humidity, IR light sensor optional.


It also functions as a BLE and Wi-Fi gateway for other tags, supporting hub and spoke implementations.

Lowest TCO

Different business model options to minimize the total cost of ownership for single-use to multi-year applications.

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